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  • Château Pinson The Julie 2010 Vintage

This is our latest offspring crafted by Julie.
An exceptional year, fine weather, good yield, harvested in the best conditions.
The selection and the sorting are made as soon as the grape harvest is done, on an old vineyard, low yield, exclusively composed of Merlot red and immediately put in new barrels that were also wisely selected (80 % French Oak tree, 20 % American Oak Tree) for one year.
Please note the subtile blend of aromas and flavours. We can feel a flavour of grilled almond together with blackcurrant that give this wine a sense of a ''quiet force''. It heralds a harmonious ageing.
Its evolution can only be a pleasant surprise.

  • Château Pinson Red : Traditional ageing in a vat.

The wine remains in vats for 12 to 18 months with regular supervision. (racking every 3 months).
These wines are then tested by an enologist who determines the best time for blending. (after tasting, the best proportion of each vat will be chosen for the best blending in order to please the eye, the sense of smell and the amateur's palate)

  • « 2011 Vintage »
    This new fruity vintage has a good presentation and a nice colour. It made the most of a favorable year.
    An early grape harvest with a lot of sun contibuted to the success of a very good vintage wine.
    It was presented for the first time at the Lessay Fair and had unanimous support from the wine tasters both for its good presentation and its good structure on the palate.
    To be followed...
  • « 2010 Vintage »
    Spirited red, the tannins are more rustic than in the most recent years, full bodied, with ripe fruit aromas, round and balanced. This wine can age several decades.
  • Traditional Vintage 2009
    Ageing in barrels. The selection and the sorting are made as soon as the grape harvest is done. A thorough supervision enables an ideal ripeness and a controlled maceration. As early as November, the wine is transferred into a barrel after tasting and choice of the best vats. It will remain there about a year with racking every 3 months or so. It is aged in oak barrels and definitely our favourite.
    Harmonious blending of tannins from the vats with subtil aromas and fruit close to the cherry and the redcurrant. Evolution to be watched in the years to come
  • Château Pinson Bordeaux Blanc 2011

We have felt the positive effects on wine making since our daughter Julie joined us on the family estate. A real rejuvenation with a feminine touch, especially on the white wine. It is both supple with a lively attack and develops very fruity notes. (fruit from the orchard – pear)
Our advice is to drink it for an aperitif, with some fish or cooked pork meats, but above all as you wish.

  • Château Pinson Bordeaux Rosé 2011

Another excellent reason to taste it: It has a very fruity aroma close to the peach and the plum. Its festive side makes it a very pleasant wine throughout an entire grilled meat meal with some friends. Drink as much as you like!


Les Bag in Box :

  • Château Pinson Red Vintage 2011
    Per 10 or 20 liters.
  • Château Pinson rosé Vintage 2011
    5 liters

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