Château Pinson

Here's a presentation of our château :

History :

Château Pinson was created in 1983, to expand the little family estate of Jean-Claude CHOLET. It was composed of Jean-Charles Cholet and his brother-in-law, Jean-Louis Godinaud. At that time the vineyard covered an area of 15 hectares (37.06 acres).

In 1988, the two partners parted and shared the vines. Throughout the years, the family estate increased in size. From 8.5 hectares (21 acres) to 24 hectares (59.30 acres) with the purchase of adjoining parcels of land. The vines are on average 45 years old. Since 2008, Julie CHOLET has joined the family estate to revitalize the spirit of the vineyard and for our biggest happiness.

The vinification takes place on the estate and our wines are from the Bordeaux Red appellation, Bordeaux Rosé appellation and Bordeaux White appellation.

Grape Varieties :

Sauvignon Blanc 2,5 %, Sauvignon Gris 2,5 %.Merlot 70 %, cabernet franc 10 %, cabernet sauvignon 10 %, sémillon 5 %, sauvignon blanc 2,5 %, sauvignon gris 2,5 %.

Château Pinson Château Pinson Château Pinson Château Pinson

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